Friday, June 26, 2009


... I made these scratch off lottery tickets?
I made 25 of them and included one with every order since the 16th of may.And after a few weeks, we have a lucky winner!
The lucky winner is no one less then the sweet, cute and fabulous AnnaRubyKing!
She ordered the first crackled babuschka brooch and eagerly scratched off the lottery ticket that she got with her order.
Oh joy, there was a number underneath there and it read 25!
Our cat, who is on the comité of fairness insisted that I asked for the supersmall coupon code underneath the 25. The cat said: 'you showed in your tutorial the number so anyone can say they got the lucky ticket...' I felt stupid to ask because it would look like I didn't trust Anna but well, cats rule, so I informed about the coupon code! Anna put on her glasses because it was printed really teeny-tiny and wrote me the perfect number!
YAY! We've got a winner! Big congrats, Anna! She's getting a voucher for 25 dollars in my shop.

And if you don't know who Anna is, you will have to go and look at all three of her shops!
Here she is juggling with fabric, gocco ink, birds and ink.
She also has an amazing jewelry shop. I have been pondering if I should get my ears pierced again just to be able to wear a pair of LilaRubyKing-earrings.
And then there is Plural, Anna's excess supply and destash shop.I bet you are overwhelmed by all this... not only her pictures are amazing, you can just sense that she puts enormously much effort & detail in her work and shop.