Saturday, July 25, 2009

Winner of giveaway

Yesterday, Rueben from ShareSomeCandy told me who the winner was from the ShareSomeCandy giveaway. Ohhh exciting!
Mr. Invincable has been very impatient to know who will be taking care of him.
The winner is Kim Sienko from NestofOwls. She was excited and delighted and that makes me superhappy. Now I know I can sent him off to a loving home, it's much easier to let go!
You know that people who buy what you make, are probably going to love it as they choose it themselves.
With a giveaway, you don't know if people enter just to win -whatever the prize is-, are just being polite to enter or really, really, really want to win.
Well, I'm proud to say that Kim entered the giveaway because she really, really, really wanted invincable... Big congrats, Kim and thanks so much for the love even though you haven't met him yet! :)
Check out Kim's shop full off beautiful cards that breathe a 'green' air. She even has a section where she makes cards from paper that derives from Elephant poo. Nice! :) This is my favorite: