Monday, August 24, 2009

It's my Etsyversary

Two years ago, I discovered Etsy by chance while browsing the web. I remember that I was astonished by all the talent that I found looking through the handmade goodies.

I decided to sign up on the 12th of August and thought 'I might open a shop sometime in future'.
Well, that didn't take long 'cause 12 days later I opened my shop and the next day I had my first sale! Woohoo! I still remember that feeling of unbelieve after the first sale - ahhh felt so good!

After a while I discovered the European Streetteam on a forum thread on Etsy. We speak creative English 'cause for most of us, English is not our first language and we just chat about anything. It felt so good to meet like minded people and soon the team became my virtual friends. That's a very tricky thing to explain to people in real life so often I don't even attempt to explaining what kind of bond people can have virtually...

And now I can't really believe that I already have my shop two years! Time to celebrate. Please have some virtual cake and bubbles AND...

From today until the 1st of September I will give
a free set of postcards

with every purchased mini-art-feeling.