Thursday, August 13, 2009

My creative space

This past week I have been glazing like a madwoman. I always underestimate the time it takes to glaze little pieces. It is certainly not my favorite thing to do so I'm happy I'm over and done with it for a while.
While glazing, I have lots of time to contemplate and gather ideas - if my brain co-operates. So last night I thought it would be nice to meet my blogreaders on the craftparking fair.
If you are one of them, please come say hello, introduce yourself, let me know you read my blog and I will give you a 'I read your blog'-goody bag as a token of appreciation. I'm making 25 goody bags to give away on the fair so make sure to pass by my stand as I love to meet you. :)
Any goody bags left over will be randomly distributed among my blog followers! :)

Want to show your creative space? Hop over to Kootoyoo's to play! It's fun! :)