Thursday, August 20, 2009

My creative space

This morning, my creative space was invaded by the three kiddies from Kerrin aka Sigmosaics. Gabriel, Inêz and Simonne are on a little European tour with their mommy and were driving by today. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet her beautiful kids.
They were very much taken by my magical garden where presents grow on plants - haha - how you can fool kids! :)
We had breakfast together and played a bit before they had to hit the road again.
Oh, and they loved showing us their faces while pressing them onto the windows! Haha, wouldn't you love to be a kid again? It made us laugh out loud and of course they tried to be as deformed as possible to make us laugh even more. It was so much fun!

They are now on their way to meet Renate from Kreativlink in Austria. Not an easy task as it's 38°C at the moment and it's a stiff 10 hour drive... but they will have fun on the way!

Want to show your creative space? Hop over to Kootoyoo's to play! It's fun! :)