Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dream in progress... fail

I know I promised to show you a finished Babette blanket this week but alas I have to dissapoint you. I really appreciate all the help I got with choosing a border color.
I did not expect such a big response so thank you for that! :)
Of course it did not make the choice any easier but soon I learned that most people leaned towards the mossy green or red border.
My whole being screamed red so when I went to the yarnshop to get my yarn, they did not have red in stock. Aarrgghh! So I bought mossy green but when I got home I still was not convinced so I decided to just leave it until I have red yarn.
*sigh* so as soon as I have my yarn, I'll finish off my Babette and will show you the result. This still gives me the time to change my mind too! LOL
Anyway, I have not sat still and finished a project that I have been wanting to make since I got inspired by this lovely artist I found via Flickr.
Do you know the feeling of amazement when you find inspiration?
The feeling of wanting to create immediately after you've seen a picture or a project?
Well, this is what this artist did to me. It has been on my mind forever and since my Babette was nearly finished I decided to start it.
This person is called Ingrid from Wood & wood stool. She is a Dutch designer and has an Etsy shop and recently started a blog too so check it out.

Besides, my new studio needs to be 'dressed' a bit more so I thought this would be a good idea to make it even a more happy place. I love the old stools she makes herself but I just took it easy, went to IKEA and bought this Oddvar stool and decided to make a cover for it.
I have to be honest: the corners are not really perfect since I still have to figure out a way how to do it best but I don't mind that they are not perfect. It's such a happy stool that it doesn't really matter.
Since a few friends told me they want to come and play with clay some time, I'll have to make some more. At least I have one ready for Kim from ViltalaKim who will come and play next wednesday! :)