Thursday, December 24, 2009

I feel spoiled... and loved!

At last I took some time of taking pictures from all the cards & goodies I got for my birthday & from the art exchange I took part in.
Thank you so much Jaimee, Marta, Eva (oops, forgot to add your beautiful card above), Nathalie, Veerle, Krisztina, Nathalie, Heather, Anna, Stephanie, Judit, Laura, Baahar, Ina, Kylie, Kristin, Ayperi, Estella, Colleen ,Stina, Kim and Kirsten.
I hope I have not forgotten someone 'cause my mailbox got flooded! ;)
This beautiful scarf was send to me from Heather & I love it so much. It's a fantastic color and has a very soft touch! It's handfelted from superfine & soft fibers! Thank you so much for sending me this beauty just because...
Then Anna spoiled me with some fantastic artworks. I can't wait to get them framed and give them a nice spot in my studio. The first one says on the back: 'inspired by the Barbie murders'
Haha, my collaboration partner is the funniest! :) Thank you, Anna!
My friend Stephanie send me these lovelies: a wonderful and warm beret and a fitting scarf. The cute little stripey elephant is watching me work in my studio! He makes me smile! :)
Thanks so much for adding more knitted goodies to my Stephanie-collection! :)And yesterday, the postman rang and gave me a big box with these yummy goodies!
Ohh, delish bananabread from Nathalie! NomNom! Thanks heaps, Nathalie!
I'm afraid I'll have to share otherwise I won't be able to go through the door anymore...And today I received the Poufiks I won from Evaforeva's giveaway and I am SUPERhappy with them! I knew it: I needed a Poufik in my life! :)
I'll take pictures from them next week and will make you all jealous again! ;)

And I wish you all a wonderful X-mas Eve and X-mas day, whenever you celebrate.
Let it be filled with joy, happiness and cake! :)