Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dream in progress... part 19

OMG, I can't believe that this dream is finished!
Jip, really & totally finished. I'm so proud of you because without you guys cheering me on every time I posted about my Babette blanket, I couldn't have done it.
I can recommend anyone that starts a large crochet project, to blog about it and show processes as that's a drive to actually complete it. At least, that was what is was like for me.
I was determined to show something the next week & I often did.
I did take a few breaks from it as it does tend to get rather boring crocheting the same squares all the time. Even though the use of different colors does not make it less boring, the stitches are all the same so it's like crocheting on automatic pilot really.

So, that said, I want to share some facts with you...
  • I crocheted this blanket with 2 threads of cotton 8 yarn.
  • I used 23 different colors.
  • The blanket weighs 1,5 kilo or 3,30 pounds.
  • Each ball of yarn weighs 50g so according to the weight I used about 30 balls yarn.
  • The cost is approximately 50 euro or 70 dollars.
  • It took me about 13 weeks in total to finish it completely (it took me longer in time but I took some breaks)
  • I did curse quite a few times - especially when sewing the blocks together.
  • It measures 1,20m by 1,30m or 47,2inch by 51,2inch
    I perferred having it a bit larger but that would mean I had to make more blocks & it fitted nicely over our couch so I found the perfect excuse not to make it larger.
  • 5 of my Babette images got explored on Flickr. Jippee!
And now are you ready for the result?
So now excuse me while I go relax under my blanket for the rest of the weekend! :)