Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Collaboration news

Have you ever seen these beautiful earrings in Anna's shop?
I love the shape of the vines and the silk red thread that connects them.
Anna launched the idea to make porcelain vines and then combine them with the silver ones.
I loved the idea so I got to work last August. It looks good in the picture but in real, these vines are very thin and fragile. Porcelain clay is super stubborn and dries really quick so adding a hole can mean that when the clay is too dry, it causes breakage.
Porcelain clay is really strong when fired so then it's nearly impossible to drill the hole afterwards. But after many tries and failures, I was sad to see this idea go...
So, I pondered on the idea and then thought that making them in 3D could be a way to make it work. They would not be able to be combined with Anna's vines but I'm sure that Anna would find a way to make it look pretty whichever way they are used. I made 3D vines in several sizes:
And perhaps it will look a bit like this? Only Anna knows that right now.
Keep your eyes peeled on her shop for the day when she uploads them...