Friday, February 26, 2010

Merry go round

I have been invited to join the 'Merry go round' group. What is the Merry go round exactly? Each month, a group of craftswomen from around the world join together and give their reponses to the same question. At first I thought 'No, no, not another thing that has to be done' but then when reading a bit further I thought 'Hm, this could be interesting as it will make you reflect on things'.
We jump on the Merry go round every last friday of the month and hopefully you'll enjoy that ride. Feel free to check out the responses from the other artists to this month's question:
(links after my answer to the question)

What do we hope to learn/achieve this year?
I'm not a person that usually makes resolutions for the new year. I do make a little wish when the champagne pops and the new year begins. But I can't tell what I wished for as then it won't come through of course...
My ceramics has become such part of my life that I hope to learn to balance it with all that has to be done too: a job, a house to keep clean, social life, virtual life,...
I try to live day by day and enjoy life's virtues as they come.
I do dream a lot but I don't strive for them to come true all the time. When it happens, it happens and when it doesn't, it wasn't meant to be. Pretty simple, huh?
So perhaps the answer to the question is: no complicated goals, no ambitious plans, no pressure but feel good, live conciously and be mindful.
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And on another note, the winner of last weeks give away was commenter number 28. This comment was from Jenya.
Congrats girl, I'll make sure these birdies will fly off to you soon! :)