Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flickr Favorites

1. Things to do today: Step out of comfort zone., 2. There might be plenty more Pebbles on the Beach, but I like this one., 3. wave crash, 4. Comfort zone and shadows

A few days ago, LaPomme on Etsy asked us some advice in her blog about some new stuff that she made recently. She regularly steps out of her comfort zone and tries out different things. I love that idea and got inspired by it over the past few days.
I dropped all that was keeping me busy and experimented, drew, used materials I normally don't use and in the end came up with a new idea. I'm really excited about how forcing yourself to step out of your comfort zone can be so refreshing. Yes, it does have limitations, as I can't draw really well, but it felt great to push myself into other mediums then I usually use.
It's like looking around on the beach for shells and pebbles and picking up that particular one.
It's like jumping the waves and get excited about your pants getting wet.
It's like finding the balance of things again.
Try it, it's great! Thanks for the inspiration, Apol! :)

Last weeks favorite mosaic fits mine this week perfectly! :)

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