Monday, April 5, 2010

De Canvas Collectie

Last fall I saw a call for artists to submit their work to de Canvas Collectie.
Canvas is a public tv station that broadcasts mainly more in depth programs and shares their net with a fun children's broadcast called 'Ketnet' and a sports broadcast called ' Sporza'.
No less then 7900 people submitted their work with in total more then 24000 pieces of art, as you can participate with 3 works maximum.
There are preselections all over the country and they already started in February. I subscribed for the preselections in my province which will be held on the weekend of 17 and 18th of April.There are 600 artists that will present their work in my province and only 123 will be selected by a commission. Then a National jury will select out of those 123 pieces, 23 pieces for the final exhibition of the Canvas Collection in the Fine Arts Museum in Brussels. You can browse the selected works so far here.
This is the second time that they organise this national art contest. I doubted until the last day to submit my work but I decided I have nothing to loose. I find it all rather exciting as it's always great to hear feedback on your work and I've never participated in a contest like this. It will be a wonderful experience whichever way it turns out.

So today I cleaned my studio and placed my work on my table so that I can see how it looks . I'll place them in 11 rows of 9 feelings on the floor as I only have about 10 minutes to show off my work. So no complicated constructions and tables to place it on. Pure and minimal, a perfect way to show off this '99 feelings'-project I think. Wish me luck! :)