Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flickr favorites

1. brocante de waterloo, 2. flea market delight, 3. ', 4. Antwerp

The past weekend we went to a flea market. The weather was perfectly sunny and I just loved strolling around with the feeling having too little eyes to see it all. I had hoped it would have been a bit more brocante with more old stuff but it was a lot of junk.
How I'd love to rummage through a box of old thread, find a fab bird cage or buy an old fashioned alarmclock so we could give it to our neighbor who treats us daily with her loud alarmclock at 6am. We did find some old tin plates for next to nothing - yeah - we'll be melting them and re-use the tin.

Last weeks favorite mosaic brought me to one of my favorite places...

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