Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New apron

Ahh, I'm really liking my new sewing machine. A while back, the straps of my apron broke and I've been keeping 'em together with a safety pin because I was too lazy to handsew 'em. Besides, the apron is so old that it is nearly falling apart in the first place so I decided it was time to make myself a new one just like it.
Since I have no notion of sewing, I just did what my brain thought would work. I made a pattern of the old apron from newspapers, placed the pattern on a piece of linen and cut it out.
After making sure the edges won't go wonky, I folded the edges and sewed along it.
I sewed on the pocket with an overlock stitch and made sure it was nice and lime! :)I love my new apron already even though I know it's not perfectly sewed together.
The linen and lime are so me that I will wear it until the threads fall apart...