Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flickr Favorites

After all the excitement from last week and the adrenaline that kept my going, I feel a bit tired. Just had a bit too little sleep and all I feel like doing now is catch up on that! But I'm a nightowl and an early bird at the same time so not sure how that is going to work out. LOL :)
Besides, there is still lots to do as I have 2 custom feelings to work on, a craftparty to prepare (read: clean house & studio) and some other rather urgent business related stuff.
I put everything off because of the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. It was great but I'll tell more about that later this week - need to find time to edit the few pics I made.

I loved all the outtakes on the theme emptiness/loneliness last week. It is not easy making a mosaic if you're not feeling that way but it's a challenge and I'm glad many of you faced it.
I'm not feeling that way in case you were wondering, just couldn't come up with a theme quick enough and that was the first that sprung to mind. :)

My favorite mosaic on last weeks 'emptiness/loneliness' theme was a very light and warm outtake.

If you like to play this week, make your mosaic and add a link to your blogpost (NOT your blog please) or Flickr in Mister Linky (click on the button below and fill in your name with the link to your blogpost or Flickr picture)...