Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to make a happy girl?

Happy girls are an ArtMind trademark. From the beginning I added them to my orders. They looked a bit different then as I used to have a red avatar so I send off red happy girls. I had been told that my avatar looked a lot like Target's and that this could cause trouble. I decided to change it to lime which happens to be my favorite color. And since then, every order is accompagnied by a lime happy girl.
The world is a happier place with happy girls so I decided to share a tutorial on how to make 'em.
Here is what you need:
A cutting mat, a cutting knife, a ruler, hemp thread,
3mm thick felt, doublesided tape (2cm),
wooden bead (12mm), scissors and a thin black liner.

Put doublesided tape (2cm) on the felt.
Cut with a liner just below the doublesided tape.
Cut a piece of the hemp thread 7cm or 3 inch long.
Cut a piece of hemp thread 20cm or 8inch long.
Tie knots on the ends of the threads.
These are the hands and feet.
Fold the larger hemp thread in half and
slip the wooden bead over the end.
Tie a knot about 1cm or half an inch from the top.
Cut the felt in the shape of a dress:
more or less 1cm or half an inch on the top and going wider on the bottom.
Cut a second piece of the dress.
Remove the doublesided tape.
Place the body and arms on top of the dress.
Place the second piece of the dress on top of the other piece of felt.
Draw a happy face. :)
And if you're in a productive mood,
you can make a mountain of happy girls.

In case you are a returning customer in my shop and prefer another color of happy girl when ordering, please don't hesitate to specify the preferred color. :)
Orders placed for my collaborative work with Anna (LilaRubyKing) receive an olive colored happy girl.