Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to make healty bars?

While you're reading this, either I'm on my way to Amsterdam, building up my craft fair booth, explaining the 99-feelings project, selling our collaborative jewellery, chatting with Marta my booth buddy, browsing the market myself or eating cookies.
I made brownies and healthy bars to keep us going and as I don't want to let you out on all the yummy so here's the recipe.
What you need: 250g applesauce, 100g dried apricots, 100g raisins,
50g cane sugar, 50 sunflower seeds, 25 sesame seeds,
25g pumpkin seeds, 75g oats, 75 selfraising flower,
50g coconut, 2 eggs
You can use ready made applesauce or make some yourself.
I peeled and cut up 2 apples and place them in the microwave.
Then I mash it with a fork and leave it to cool down.
Cut up the apricots and poor some hot water over the raisins to become softer.
Squeeze the raisins firmly so there is no water left when you put 'em in the dough later.
Put the eggs in a bowl and whisk 'em.Chuck all the ingredients in the bowl.
Stir the mixture.
Place a baking sheet in a baking tray.
Put the dough in the tray and bake it for 30 minutes at 180°C.
Take it out of the baking pan.
Slice it up, let 'em cool down and put 'em in a container.
I hardly ever feel guilty when eating these! :)