Sunday, July 4, 2010

Which pimped card is your favorite?

A few weeks ago, I distributed goodie bags at the Sunday Market in Amsterdam.
They contained a pack to pimp your own feeling. Every time when a new card arrived, I jumped in the air. So happy with the snail mail and lovingly pimped cards. Thanks so much for all who took the trouble to pimp and send. They are all super awesome!
Now, one of these people will get happy package from me. It's up to you to decide who this will be... Please vote for your favorite pimped card! Thank you! :)
For those who still like to play, this poll is open till the 25th of July and I'll be adding more pimped cards when they reach my mailbox...
You can click on the pictures and see a bigger version. Unfortunately I can't get 'em to show bigger in this poll.