Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guest Post: Good morning. I miss you!

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By Anka of

I like images a lot. They tickle my imagina
tion so I often make up little stories when I look at a picture. This is one of those stories, inspired by the photography of Frank Kunert, Das Leben geht weiter.

'Morning, sunshine! Had a good night sleep?
I had a strange dream last night.
We were leaving for a long trip, but we didn't carry any luggage at all.
That's not too bad, if I think about it, but strange nevertheless, you know me and luggage...
The morning was cool and the sky was storm red, but not a single drop of rain.
I had my coffee while standing up and no breakfast.
Don't be mad, but you know I don't like eating alone.
I'll buy a pretzel or something on the way to work.
I promise I won't leave it on the car seat. Again.
I have to stop by the post office and I promised your parents I'll drop by for lunch.
I will also meet with the editor today, the book is ready.
But the fine tuning is a totally different story.
Don't worry, I'm ready to fight for every single word.
Tonight I have movie tickets with the girls and then we'll go for a short concert down by the lake.
A string quartet, your favorite.
So, if all things go as planned, I'll have plenty to talk to you about tomorrow.
Take care.
Hope you miss me.
I brought you the newspaper.

Das Leben geht weiter, by Frank Kunert. Photo from here