Monday, October 18, 2010

Zipper proof

Taking a classic sewing class implies learning basic techniques.
Exactly what I wanted to learn.
However, the course is set up in a real school and brings back secondary school memories. There is a bell that tells us when we have a break and we have to come at a certain time and can't leave class before it's finished. I don't really like the 'school' setting. Especially not when I compare it to my ceramic course that I took at the academy of fine arts. There we had lots of freedom and it worked so much better for me. No need to treat adults as secondary school kids but hey, I can't change the setting so I better adjust.
Not alway easy being the rebel I am...
Oh, and another thing that bugs me is that we have to stick to the pattern given. We're making a straight skirt at the moment but I only wear A-line skirts so this will look really funny on me.
I understand it's all about the techniques and all but when you make something, you would want to wear it too, right? Let's see if I will...
Anyway, enough of rambling as I wanted to show you some proof of the fact that I can do zippers! YAY! It's been on my wishlist since I decided to learn sewing.

Here's where the zipper will go:
And it's in! I even managed to add a waistband in the last lesson.
It will be finished much sooner then expected. I'm so excited about it! :)