Monday, December 20, 2010

Handmade treasures

I have been doing some handmade shopping recently and I quickly want to share my treasures.

Last sunday, Mariana from Florcita showed her work in her small hometown of Susteren, Netherlands. What does a sweet girl from Argentina do in Susteren of all places?
She felts and does ceramics. I wish we lived a tiny little closer so we could play together a bit more often.
I bought this infinity scarf with a twist like the ring of Moebius from Escher.
Fell in love right away so had to have it! It is soft and warm and everything I wanted. And don't you just love the sweet handmade touches? Great branding, Mariana! :)
Something else I'm REALLY excited about is the following: de 'koekpot' (cookie jar) from Elza D. and Annemie. It's a jar with all the ingredients to make cookies: just add butter and eggs and put 'em in the oven. I gave it to my neighbor so I haven't been able to try it myself but I ordered 2 more so as soon as they arrive, I'll make a delicious batch of cookies! Nomnom.
And again great branding: I love the label! Thanks for creating such fun product ladies!
Across my stand on Stiel and Stijl, there was a flower shop stand and this fresh lime green flowerpot from Pot en Papaver is now blooming in my studio.
I bought this little grain pillow for my niece's birthday, she loves soft, warm and colorful things so I thought I hit the jackpot with discovering this. She loved it! You can get 'em at Poembah.
And this pair of crocheted earrings from Nevousinstallezpas is for my other niece who has not yet recieved 'em but I know she will love 'em.
Both my nieces are teenagers with a BIG love for everything handmade so it's really easy shopping for them.
And I bought these for my sister as she loves tiny and black. I love 'em too and had a hard time giving 'em away... Get your own pair at LilaRubyKing's shop. My nieces do not only love handmade goodies but also love reading so I also got 'em these clever and pretty bookmarks from Blue Celeste. Hilde combines handmade Japanese paper with light and leather and all that she makes is made so well that you would want to have it all...
She opened her Etsy shop recently - go check it out!And I'm SO sad that my nieces and nephews are already too big to play with dolls as I love EVERYTHING from tante Hilde! I really do and couldn't resist buying these cute mice although I love her dolls too. Perhaps I should just get a big doll for myself...
If you ask her nicely, she makes you a doll to your liking...Too bad I had to rush my shopping trip on Stiel & Stijl as it was too busy to leave my stand for long enough to stroll around slowly and take it all in. So I'm glad I got to grab a few things at least! I love shopping handmade!