Friday, January 28, 2011

Merry go round

Every last friday of the month, I jump on the 'Merry go round'. What is the Merry go round exactly? Each month, a group of craftswomen from around the world join together and give their reponses to the same question/challenge.
The group has been extended with 2 new members: welcome Monika from Red2White and Laura from BlueTerracotta.
The question to start off this year is: "What are your compass words for 2011".
The "Compass words" refer to a little exercise (click on Renew, Reenergize, recommit...) that you can work through.
I didn't do the excercise as I know the words I want to focus on.

This year I want to learn to let go...
Let go of fear.
Let go of pressure
Let go of stress.
Let go of things that really do not matter (only I need to be remembered sometimes).

Once I've let go, I want to balance my life a bit better...
Spend time with my family and friends.
Take a day off and not feel guilty.
Eat more healthy & excercise a bit more.
Keep work fun.

And when my life is all balanced, I can start to enjoy it even more...
Read, crochet, sew & sit in the garden taking up the sun.
Give new ideas a chance to actually come together.
Take roadtrips to nowhere in particular & discover new places.
Share & learn things.
Do something insanely crazy - or even more then one.

January is nearly over already and I haven't even started on the 'let go' thing but I soon will. No gloomy posts about being tired and stressed but happy cheerful posts because that is really what I want life & me to be. And I know that as soon as I let go, it will happen!

Want to know what compass words the other merriers came up with? Hop over to their blogs. Please bear in mind that the members will be posting at different times of the day, depending on which world time-zone they are in :)
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