Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I wish I was sharing more creative stuff on my blog lately.
Where is the time were I shared creative projects in progress, shots of my table & my crochet endeavours?
The past few months I've been swamped with work which I am really thankful for as it means that things are going well. On the other hand is it making me feel like a little factory as I can't get around to try out new ideas in my head.
Frustrating sometimes but I still love love love what I do.
It's a fun factory you see.

I suppose it's all about finding balance but it's really hard to choose for the work that is already on my plate and not pick the interesting and fun things that are on the table too. I sometimes feel a bit like a child in a candy store...

I am grateful that I can do what I do and that there are so many supportive and inspiring people out there to help me do it.
Yip, that's you that I'm talking about!
So today, here's a little thank you for all your kind words, your thoughts and support.
Thank you for visiting my space, following my work, love what I do & being part of my community. Even if you never comment or 'talk' to me, I know you're out there... :)

Wishing you a wonderful humpday today! :)