Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flickr Favorites

I realize that I often fall back on the same color scheme for my mosaics. Don't really know why that is and I hope you don't get bored of my minty mosaics! LOL
Actually, I planned to do a mosaic around cats but I got distracted when I saw the mint in the color sheme of the cat's picture.
Today I have someone come over who is afraid of cats. We have one cat and she is very shy and anxious when there are people at home. When she hears the doorbell, she can't be fast enough to run upstairs and not come out for the rest of the day. She is supersweet but oh so demure and only comes out when she hears familiar voices and feels comfortable vibes.
For example, she will never come out when my family is here as they dislike cats and I think she feels that. She usually stays upstairs all day anyway - the only difference now is that the door is closed but she won't even notice as she sleeps all day! So it won't be a problem at all for her to be locked away for the day and she'll get extra cuddles at night.