Friday, April 29, 2011

Merry go round

Every last friday of the month, I jump on the 'Merry go round'. What is the Merry go round exactly? Each month, a group of craftswomen from around the world join together and give their reponses to the same question/challenge.The question this month was 'how do you juggle your time and/or how do you wish you could juggle your time'.
It is actually a very, very tricky question for me as I'm one of those people who always feels there are too little hours in a day an too little days in a week and I'm very, very bad at managing my time.

For this post for example, I wasn't organised enough to get it ready in time for you to read
with your morning coffee or tea nor did I take a picture to accompany it. And that's not because I'm lazy but because other things took over my week.
I spent Easter Monday with my partner and we walked a bare foot trail (FUN) , Tuesday Elza D. and Celeste B. came to my studio to play (MORE FUN), I visited my friend Mariana on Wednesday evening (jip, MORE FUN) and I dragged myself to sewing class on Thursday evening (not so fun as it's so slow). Add 4 days of day job work to this week and running my on line business and you know that there is little time to manage here.

I have one list and that states the things I need to make.
No more, no less.
That list is never empty.
It tick things off and I add things.
And when the list gets messy, I copy it onto a new sheet.
It's nearly the only handwritten thing I do since I dislike my handwriting.
I don't do housework very much.
It feels like a waste of time.
But I love it when it's clean so I force myself once in a while.
Although I dislike doing it.
I ship two days a week.
That saves me heaps of time.
I do the wrapping, my partner goes to the postoffice.
I wish I had some sort of control knobs.
They would be needed to prevent procrastinating.
Or wasting time on the computer.
But I love to be able to decide in a blink to go sit on a sunny terrace with a beer.
I can do that because I don't do time management.
It always fits in.

Because I post so late today, I decided to check out the other merriers posts and share with you some of the things that caught my eye...
  • I am learning to set bounderies to people who try to make me busy with their affairs, ’cause they have unwisely/in greed/deliberetly taken on too much. (Monika)
  • I’ve decided that I will put a few limits just because otherwise I get sucked in and I forget that I should be using weekends to do stuff with my son and husband. It is not all about work. (Mariana)
  • Blogging. This really encourages me to create new things. I want to have something to share with my blog readers each day and thus, I work at finishing off new pieces. (Ruth)
  • I find that minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, and days turn into years, and all in the blink of an eye. (Samantha)
  • I enjoy having a full schedule, but just full enough tho be happy and well rounded. (Bethany)
  • I try not to kick myself too hard if I don’t get everything done. I just move it over to the next day and highlight it! (Laura)
Want to know more about what the other Merriers wrote about time management? Hop over to their blogs. Please bear in mind that the members will be posting at different times of the day, depending on which world time-zone they are in :)

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