Monday, May 16, 2011

Messy monday

Can't believe a week went by without posting in my blog. Somehow life took over and I just didn't get around writing a post... I kind of hope nobody noticed my absence but when I saw that my blog passed over 2000 blog followers, I think this hope might be idle! ;)
THANK YOU for your interest, support and being part of my community!

Today, Mariana came around to help me make a mess in my studio. We planned on making molds together. We first made a little trip to the secondhand shop around the corner to search for some cool objects to mold. We brought back lots of cups and bowls so it took quite some time to prepare 'em for the plaster treatment.
Luckily the activity is not of the kind that you have to concentrate on really well so we had plenty of time to drink lots of coffee and catch up chatting in between.And to make a mess of course. After all, that was the plan. It even followed us into the kitchen... :)We didn't only make a mess but have been really productive as we used up about 20 kilo's of plaster. I tell you, that's a lot of molds... and will hopefully make lots of pretty objects. :)