Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anna's worktable

Today, Anna from LilaRubyKing is treating us with some work in progress. I don't know anything about working with silver and metalsmithing is such a mystery to me.
It seems all so complicated: sawing, soldering, dapping, doming, using a mandral,... All these tools are unneccesary in ceramics as we can form the clay anyway we like - easy!
For some reason, metal and glass are materials I'm not attracted too to work with since they seem so much more difficult to give shape. I would be really frustrated trying to manipulate a material that is so laborious & stubborn. So glad that Anna is working her magic with the metal.
The little bear head is porcelain which I slipcasted from a handmade mould.
The result of the work above can be found in her shop... :)