Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moeders voor moeders

I'm part of a sew, crochet, knitting- group called the 'knappe knoopjes' or translated 'smart/pretty buttons'. We come together every 3 weeks to work on our projects together and chat the evening away. On our last get together, lots of participants helped to sew, crochet or knit for a non-profit organization called 'Moeders voor moeders' or 'Mothers for mothers'.
This non-profit organization is dedicated to families or single persons with children under 12 years.They help them with food parcels, clothing and more. The poorest children should not miss the fun times so they also help out with gifts for the children's birthday, Christmas, Saint Nicolas, etc.
They were in great need of dark blue and grey scarves and hats for primary school children to fit with their school uniform, so they called out for help for anyone who could help make 'em.

I too picked up my crochet hook and finished a scarf yesterday. It's pretty hard to photograph as it's quite long and very, very curly but I hope the child wearing it will love it and that it will keep her toasty warm. Well I suppose it will be worn by a girl as it's quite a feminine design. :)