Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Etsy - part 2

To be quite honest, the schedule at 'Hello Etsy' was quite overwhelming! So many interesting sessions going on that it was hard to chose which one to go to. Thank goodness they livestreamed the entire event so that it's still possible to see some of the sessions from your couch at home.
I'll be sharing a few of my favorite sessions on my blog. One of them is called 'Branding on a shoestring' by Lisa Rodwell from Moo. It is quite amazing that this company who was just a teeny tiny printing company a few years ago, grew from 'pleasure cards' to the giant 'Moo' all through branding and consistency. One sentence of this session summed it all up for me: 'celebrate your brand' YAY! That is exactly what they do at Moo! The enthusiasm they show of their product makes up half of the branding if not more.

Conversation starters were spread all over the place

If you subscribed for the 'Hello Etsy' conference in Berlin, you had the opportunity to order a set of free business cards through Moo. I've never had any so I ordered em and put on the new designs of our collaboration work. I love the cards!The feel of the cards is so lovely and I love the size too! I think I prefer these to the mini cards they usually have.
And Moo made sure we were using the cards righ away as they let us play a networking game. You had to collect 6 stickers of a different craft. As you can see below, everyone was frantically swapping stickers and business cards! It really worked!And when you had a full card, you could redeem it by going to the Moo-stand and pick a coupon code for some free Moo stuff! :)I get a free business card holder! Yay! I think I should order some more Moo's now.
And if you're really quick, they have a special offer until the 25th of September with a coupon for 25% off! :)Below you will find the live stream session on branding! Enjoy! :)
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