Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello Etsy - part 4

Besides all the inspiring talks at 'Hello Etsy', I also made another Marimekko creation at the sewing station on my lunch break. Really strange as dreamed about making it on sunday morning so I just had to go back and do it.
As I'm a beginner sewer, of course I don't do complicated and everyone can make it.
I cut 4 strips of different kind of happy Marrimekko fabric about 25cm wide (10 inches) and then I cut random pieces horizontally. I mixed 'em all up and sewed the pieces back together horizontally. I made sure I had 2 the same lengths and then I placed 'em right sides on top of each other and sewed it together. When that was done, I reversed it and it was nearly ready. Since there was no ironing board present, I decided to finish it at home by stitching all the way alongside the edge. It is already too cold to wear this pretty cotton scarf now here but I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing it next spring. If the above instructions weren't clear enough, check out some of the tutorials I found via Google. Apparently this is not a very original idea that came into my dream, it's been done many times before so no need for me to make a tutorial!! LOL :)