Monday, November 7, 2011

The missing cloud...

Last week I posted a picture of my new cloud brooches. When I was editing the pictures, I realised that I forgot to photograph one. That's why I thought to ask you if you could guess which one it was. And oh my dear, I got so many lovely suggstions that I instantly started to make some more.
You guys are awesome! Thanks so much! After Stiel & Stijl I'll add 'em to my Etsy shop.

No one guessed it right but it doesn't matter as I did randomly pick a winner out of all the answers. The winner gets to tell me which word he/she would like on the cloud brooch & then I'll make it especially.
The randomizer picked number 1 from all the comments.
Congrats Saskia! Please let me know your address and choice of brooch you would like to have. :)

The missing cloud was this one:
I loved the following so I made 'em too.*** oops, gloomy picture again ***

Thanks again & keep your head in the clouds this week! Have a happy one! :)