Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Whenever I go to a fair and take my feelings, I always see people looking at them and thinking 'What is this?'. I always try to ask if they would like me to explain the project a bit. Very rarely people are a bit afraid that I'm trying to sell 'em something and say 'no, thank you, I'm just looking'. I respect that of course.
Most of the time, people are intrigued by the work they see or plain curious and take the time to listen to my little story. I'm always thankful for that because I value the feedback I get and it's great to start a conversation although there is not always a lot of time for that at fairs.
So I usually start explaining that I made the feelings in a period of 3 months and made one every day to show on the outside how people sometimes feel on the inside.
The best part for me is to see the change in expression on their faces when I tell which ceramic object is which feeling. Mostly it is one of wonder and astonishment. It is so heartwarming to see and it is truly the best feedback I can get on my work. I love it!

The other day at Stiel & Stijl, I had an experience that moved me tremendously, gave me goosebumps and made me cry too. I felt a bit of a wimp when tears just fell onto my cheeks in front of everyone but I couldn't stop it. It just happened. The family I was talking too expressed so much warmth & love that it touched me right in my heart. And they were complete strangers to me - I never met 'em before.
In case you don't know, my '99 feelings' were initially not created for selling. It was a very personal project and because so many people inquired about reproductions, I decided to share the love. So the selling part is just a recognition of the work and thought I put in.
Most important is that I love hearing what the feelings provoke. It is those experiences that make it all worth it for me and of course I won't easily forget moments like this. *sobs again*

So, here's a BIG thank you to all of you who have adopted one or more of my feelings over the past years. I'm so glad to know that they are loved and looked after and that they are part of your family/life. It makes my heart grow and glow...