Thursday, November 3, 2011

Work in progress

You know how much I love cookie cutters right? I told you before it's my weak spot but strange enough they hardly ever end up in the kitchen.
Besides, using cookie cutters gives you less cookie, right? Huh? That's no good!
So I made some reversed cookie molds so that it leaves you with more cookie. :)

Here's the proof:
cookies cut out with cookie molds...

and cookies, 'cut' out with reversed cookie cutters.

I made the prototypes ages ago but never did anything with 'em until I found 'em in my drawer last week. I've been frantically working to getting some done but as time is ticking along, the quantity will be limited.
If you are interested, rush yourself to my stand at Stiel & Stijl to get yourself some. :)
It makes a great gift for people who love to make & bake.

Here's how I make reversed cookies....
The cookie molds look a bit like paper making molds or old butter molds.
I press the cookie stamp in the rolled out dough.
Then it looks embossed.
With a round cookie cutter, I cut out the flower cookie.
I take away the remaining dough and I put the cookies in the the oven.

I'm not a food blogger so I didn't do any fancy pics of these - and I must admit, I didn't even try.
I'll leave that up to the pro's...