Sunday, December 18, 2011

North Story - OOAK

When Anna from LilaRubyKing was here in November, we did some decal work together. Anna asked me to prepare some special shapes for that. She drew the shapes and I transferred 'em onto clay and handcut 'em. The process is the same as the other pieces but hand cutting each shape makes it even lengthier. And all edges need to be kind of rounded so that it's not too sharp to wear of course. But how fun it has been to work on them together. We were ooh-ing and aah-ing the whole time while making them and it was so much fun.
They have been turned into pendants with a sterling silver chain. And best of all is that they will be one of a kind (OOAK) as the images have been applied much like a collage.A fun detail is that even though we had the same shapes and decals to use, both our work is so different. You can find the ones that I made in my shop and the ones that Anna made in her shop. I went for minimalism while Anna went for artsy. :)
Do you love 'em as much as we do?