Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1m2 in pictures

1m2 was fantastic! 
I really loved the energy that came from all the participants and it made all the hard work worth it. I never realised that organising an event would ask so much preparation. At first I thought: a great concept, a different location, lovely participants and some promotion and that's it. 
But I soon learned that there was more to it than what I thought. So I was super lucky that I had a partner in crime who I could really count on: Annemiek from TwoTrees!
We formed a good team and all went smoothly although we had our share of worries about the location, the insurance and... the electricity. The fact that there was only one plug for electricity while we needed about 20 different power points for our participants and our sewing station gave us a few extra grey hairs I think. The location was very, very basic and that had it's charm but it was also a bit dark which some found that it gave it this cozy atmosphere and others found it too dark to show off what they made. We love light too but we didn't have any choice because if we put up more light, the power would probably risk power cuts. Choices are hard to make.

But apart from these worries, our work was carried by the wonderful participants who with their enthusiasm made it all very real and happening! The participants showed so much creativity on their square meters that it was pure joy to see it all come to life!
We have no clue about the amount of visitors but all who didn't come certainly missed something! :)

Below you see an image of the sewing station that we installed and that was run by 4 people from the sewing group I'm part off. They were super enthusiast and invited people to come in and make something themselves. It was a huge succes and lots of people tried to sew or crochet something and we saw lots of smiling faces. There really is no better feeling then to encourage people to make, do, create! The sewing station & event were sponsored by Etsy which gave us a bit of breathing space towards decission making and materials.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to take pictures of all the stands and activity but there are plenty of people who did. Here you can find the pictures on our Facebook page and on the EtsyNL Facebook page. The following blog  of Sandra from ZsaZsaZsu and Karen from  Karen Vandelaer really have some great images from all the square meters and atmosphere...

PS: I was a bit shocked to see myself in the first picture at 24 weeks pregnant. Didn't realise the belly was that big already... ;)