Monday, April 16, 2012

The making of... passionate

The feeling passionate is made with starting out to roll a slab of very thin clay. I cut out shapes of flames and save them in a wet cloth. Then I start applying the flames onto the still moist feeling. When all the flames are applied, I go over them with my clay rib to smooth them out a bit. Then I make sure that you don't see much of the rough edges of the flames anymore and use a wet paintbrush to go along them. It is then too wet to touch so I'll let it dry for a while and afterwards I use my pointy rib tool to make it all smooth. With a fine needle on a cork, I apply some lines on the flames so that it gives it a bit more depth. Our cat loves to sit on my lap when I work which is not always the most comfortable position but I can not refuse her to sit with me... :)