Friday, February 20, 2009

Shop till you drop

Yesterday was a big day for me: we went to buy the kiln! :)
I had decided on the one I wanted some time ago but started to doubt the evening before we left and changed my mind completely when we saw a new model.
This is the one I'm going to get:The other pictures are from the ceramic supply shop Robbelien in Swalmen, Netherlands. It's like paradise for the crafter among us. They not only have ceramic supplies but lots of other goodies too. On the way home we also stopped in another place that also has ceramic supplies and there I bought the things that Robbelien didn't have. Want to see my loot?I think this will last me a while... although we will go back to pick up the kiln in about three weeks so I will be tempted again! :)

Oh, and if you care to see our kitchen where all these supplies are stalled out, it got featured in Star of The East's blog today. :)