Saturday, February 21, 2009

What the Secret Easter Bunny wants to do before she dies...

This is the second part of the series of questions I asked the European Streetteam Participants on the Secret Easter Bunny swap.
Have you ever thought about what you still really want to do before you die?
One person had a very clever answer to that as she said:
'I don't postpone... so there are not so many things that wait for being done'
Perhaps we need to follow these very wise words...

Most of them seemed to have dreams to travel...
  • visit all over Europe
  • Go to Egypt
  • go to Australia, New Zealand and Japan
  • travel everywhere
  • going to the beautiful place 'Tavira' in Portugal
  • make a long trip with hubby and kids to farfar away..
  • travel around the world without airplanes
  • live in different places in the world
  • visit at least one country in each of the five continents
  • Long trip to India
  • travel a lot continue travelling the world, re visiting countries i've been to that i loved, a road trip through the US .. travel travel travel travel travel ..
  • make a world travel
  • travel to USA
  • go to Bali, Greece, Italy
  • travel around the world, and live in another country where there is sunshine all year round...
  • cross-America tour
  • ski and visit Indonesia
  • travel around the world

Some of them dream about making, having, raising a baby/children...
  • have a baby
  • To raise a child
  • see my kids grow up happily
  • lovingly raise my children

Some of them want to write/draw/publish a book...
  • be a book illustrator
  • write that book

Some of them dream about a house by the sea...
  • live at the seaside :)
  • buy a house by the sea

And here are some other answers...
  • I’d like to learn more as much as I can and share it. I believe that Having, living with and spreading out useful knowledge is a way to lead me towards being a real human.
  • I never tought to this...sorry...
  • develop my mind/heart to become more compassionate and wise
  • Live a happy life. If there is something I didn’t do before that then it wasn’t meant to be.
  • Find a inner balance in myself
  • Everything that I possibly can and then some more LOL! I want to be healthy and then just die from extreme old age!!!
  • find time for myself,bring my etsy shop to really begin working!
  • watch the aurora borealis in the sky above me
  • make peace with myself
  • make a living from art
  • to be able to tell and show everyone I know that I love them and will do so even after I die.
  • oh my, there are so many things I will do!
  • to be immortal...hehe!!!

I think it's good to think about what you want to do before you die once in a while...
Life is often lived so fast and before you know it, you're growing grey hair, get wrinkles and suddenly you also start to schrink! Climb that mountain before that happens! ;)