Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Five addictions & blog award

I have been tagged by GretchenMist to share 5 of my addictions.
Hmm, I never thought about being addicted really...
Being addicted for me means getting all nervous and anxious about not having something.
So I think I'm addicted to these:
My laptop - everyday addiction
Salty crisps - addiction
Want to eat them everyday, but I don't!
Clay - everyday addiction
Luckily I don't have to dig it out of the river!

Mail - everyday addiction
I love snail mail so getting a postcard or a letter can just really make my day! :)

And I was lucky today...
I received this beautiful vintage postcard from Vadjutka
Thank you Judit, you made me smile!!! :)

Babuschka's - everyday addiction
It wasn't like that before but now, they seem to rule my life! :)
Now I am supposed to tag 5 other people to share their addictions.
But I won't do that! If you read this and want to share, please do so.
Leave a comment in this post that you did and I'll come and check out your addictions 'cause I'm curious that way! :)

Yippeee, I got this award from 21! Thank you so much! :)
I love so many blogs that I find it hard to tag a few in particular. Sometimes I wish I had more time to read all the blogs I love more often...
So, if I don't visit regularly, it doesn't mean I don't love your blog, it's just I haven't found the place where they sell time yet! ;)

And today's work in progress... sanding - SOOOOO boring!