Thursday, March 19, 2009

My creative space

After two times firing the kiln, these mini feelings need to be re-made. Only 9 out of 99 is not bad I think. They look OK but they are not. What's wrong with them?
For the first three on the left, I used a different kind of clay because it has less chamotte in it so it would be easier to use the clay gun or carve into it. Apparently, the colordifference is huge.
I fired the blue one too high so it has 'bubbles' on them. I like it but it's not how it's supposed to be.
The 'woman'-like mini feeling lost a nipple while sanding - ouch!
The divided feeling didn't dry evenly so it's a bit crooked.
The invincable dragon lost it's tail before firing.
The empty feeling dried a bit crooked too.
And the feeling on the worktable is loosing it's bubbles 'cause I didn't attach them properly when making it.
So, actually only one firing-mishap (blue one) and all the others are just mistakes I made 'cause I'm only human...

If you like to play along and show your creative space, hop over to Kotooyoo and play! It's fun! :)