Saturday, April 4, 2009

Custom creative

The very first customer of my mini art feelings was the sweet Anna of TheHouseofMouse. You most likely have seen her amazing work on Etsy already and if you haven't, you should go and look now. She also has a very fun blog.
She creates many different characters into amazing mice creatures. I'm often in awe of her boundless creativity and her creatures always make me giggle!
This is my absolute favorite although it was hard to choose...Anyway, Anna really seemed to love her feeling 'creative' so she decided she needed a big sister for her. The bigger version of my feelings seem giants in comparison to the mini feelings but still they have 'cute' written all over them I think. They are approximately 15cm or 6 inches in height and are a bit rounder on the head and straighter on the bottom. They do derive from the same drawing I once made to start these Babuschka's off. I just enlarged the design underneath the copy machine and then made the mould from a solid handbuild babuschka. The smaller they get, the less shape they seem to have. It's like when you grow up, your body starts to form more - or less depending in what age category you are! LOL :)
Anyway, I hope she likes her big sister...