Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flickr favorites

1. Fleamarket, Mauer Park, Berlin, 2. Fleamarket Treasures, 3. fleamarket time again, 4. Fleamarket in Bergamo II

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Yesterday, it was a public holiday here and we went to visit a fleamarket & spent a lovely time with friends. This inspired me to make this weeks mosaic around the fleamarket.
How was your weekend?

If you like to play this week, make your mosaic and add a link to your blog or Flickr in Mister Linky. I'll pop over to have a look at yours. Can't wait to see your creations! :)
I'm using a different kind of Linky this time 'cause Mister Linky is still not fixed. The normal widget I use is unavailable. If you click the link, you can add your name and your link. Thanks for playing!