Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flea market

After yesterday's Flickr favorites about fleamarkets, I just wanted to share some impressions of the fleamarket we visited last monday. It is a yearly market that is super busy and alive. Unfortunately it's not a lot of very old stuff but if you search well, there sure are some treasures to be found besides all plastic junk.

The sign reads 'dog bar' and they can drink for free! :)Relax in the sun and perhaps get rid of some junk?
I love the old suitcases and the sewing box on the bottom right.
I always hope that these balloonvendors suddenly take off but they never do. Would be such a cool sight! :)
These are supercool I think!
After we visited the market, we went to the park where a band was playing and lots of people where on the lawn enjoying the sun and the music. Some kids were trying to make some money too. This little fellow was making pancakes - cute! :)