Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to make a colourful key chain?

This is a very quick and easy project where even toddlers can help with: a colorful keychain.
Here is what you need: A piece of scoubidoo thread, colorful wooden beads with a big hole, a keyring.Fold the scoubidoo thread in half.
Then slip the keyring a little bit over the thread.
Slip the ends of the scoubidoo thread through the loop and pul firmly.
Then start adding beads on both ends of the scoubidoo threads.
Tie a knot at the ends of the threads.
Cut off the remaining ends of the scoubidoo thread.
And here is the result: it's our keychain to our mailbox.
Talk about our mailbox. For the past two weeks, someone is putting flowers on our mailbox sometimes. They are usually picked in the neigborhood plantholders and just placed on our mailbox. We have no clue who is doing this & it's freaking me out a bit!
We found out that they are placed on our mailbox in the night of saturday on sunday so last weekend we placed a little camera to find out who is doing this. Unfortunately, no new flowers were placed... so we still don't know who is doing this.
We'll leave the camera out there and hope to at least catch the animal who is sometimes peeing against our front door! :)