Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cooking the kiln

The past week I have been making a lot of small items for my friend Kerrin from Sigmosaics on Etsy. She uses some of my ceramic work to create her mosaics. How cool is that?
She will come and visit me soon and placed a large order. Since clay is such a slow craft, I need to work on it now otherwise it won't be ready when she arrives.
As a mosaic artist, she loves colors of course and therefore I have been experimenting a bit with mixing glazes. Here is the result:
Here is one of mosaics where Kerrin used a ceramic tile from me :) Isn't it beautiful?Here are some more detailed pics of the samples:Special request paws for dog eating bowls - haha lucky dogs! :)And here I messed up majorly I think. I was supposed to get a purple mix but I'm afraid I added too much cobalt to the substance and got more blue then anything.
Will try purple again in next firing.
Ususally I'm really good at writing down what I mix together but for some reason, I didn't do it for the purple oxide... too bad - need to experiment to find it again! :)