Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flickr Favorites

1. Sand Dune Background, 2. Texture, 3. Rock Wall, 4. Eye of the Seashell

My favorite from last week is a bit gloomy but ooohhh so pretty! Check it out! :)

It's no secret that I'm totally crazy about textures. That's why I'm also totally crazy about nature. So many texures to be found there. One even more amazing then the other.
Sometimes I don't have enough eyes to gather it all...

If you like to play this week, make your mosaic and add a link to your blogpost (NOT your blog please) or Flickr in Mister Linky (click on the button below and fill in your name with the link to your blogpost or Flickr picture).
I'll pop over to have a look at yours. Can't wait to see your creations and find new favorites! :)