Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plok Plok

About a week ago, we were invited to dinner at one of my friends house. I've know her for about 20 years and it's one of those friends that you feel at ease with even though you haven't seen each other for a long time.
We travelled together through Nepal & Turkey many years ago and I must say that these were my best travels ever. It still makes me laugh out loud when we talk about it.
Years passed were we only called each other once or twice but that didn't really matter. At the end of last year, she called me and told me she was going to move to the neighborhood we live in, actually around the corner! :) She lives there with her husband Halil and daughter Boussé. While we were having dinner, they were telling us that they were going to buy two chickens.
Erwin and I looked at each other and I actually squeeled a bit and Lieve knew right away what this was about... We have always wanted to have a chicken but our garden is too small to have them there. Initially we did plan to sacrifice our garden set for a chicken hotel. It never happened though. But Lieve said she wouldn't mind to buy 3 chickens and we could 'rent' a room in the chicken apartment. YAY! :)
I asked her to get a 'real' chicken which for me is light brown. She and Boussé had a hard time choosing the chickens at the market much to dismay of the seller who said 'a chicken is a chicken'. Sjeez, he didn't seem to understand that choosing a chicken is part of the fun.
Anyway, here is the new extension to our family...

Her name is 'PlokPlok'
Her she is with her sisters.
This is the chicken hotel.
Hopefully they will treat us with lots of eggs..
Here is where they sleep.
She feels already very much at home here!
We are so happy to have a chicken and the best thing is that PlokPlok will make sure that Lieve and I get to see each other more frequently now! :)