Friday, September 18, 2009

The secret project... work in progress

I went into our garden and looked for leaves...
... 'cause I wanted to mould them because of their texture.After the mould dried, I pressed little bits of porcelain clay into the textures.
Will definately make more moulds with more leave textures - I love these!I cheekily pressed a sea urchin I got from Star of the East into the plaster too.
Too bad that it doesn't come out so I'll have to find another way to mould urchins...I also collected some random stones...
... and pressed them in some plaster too.I love the irregular structure.
And here is the result when it's fired: rough and rugged! wow!And shells and corals have lovely structures too...I don't dare to mould these the regular way because I don't want to ruin them so I use an alternative way with plasticine.
Anyone knows what this derives from? I think I picked it up on a beach in Queensland, Australia once but I'm not sure.And here is a the collection of porcelain bits that I pressed onto the shells and sea creatures.
I will need to go to an exotic beach to find more amazing stuff! I love these!

To know the idea behind the secret project, go read the first blogpost here or click on the label 'the secret project' to see all the posts about it.
Can't wait to receive your guesses but think about it carefully 'cause you can only guess once! :)