Monday, October 26, 2009

Portugal Pictures

It took me some time to post some pictures of Portugal in my blog. Just been superduper busy the past week. Didn't take that many pictures either but here are some impressions...
Pottery shopping
Having coffee & pastry in Nariz under a clear blue sky.
The trainstation in Aveiro.
This picture is a bit blurry but I wanted to show you anyway.
We had a very fun evening playing with PlayDoh and the kids were
somehow inspired by Babuschka's... could it be my bad influence? :)

Kerrin's beautiful kiddies:

Oops, my beautiful new bag made by Heli got pooped on.
Right on the head of 'cute' *sigh* made for some good laughs though
and apparently it brings luck so I didn't mind too much...
Spend a little time jumping the waves on the beach.
Oops, everyone had soaking wet pants & dresses.
But it was so much fun! Loved it!
Loved spending time with Kerrin, her super duper sweet kiddies and meeting Nanouke. It was also a bit sad as Kerrin is relocating to New Zealand tommorrow, there was a lot of saying goodbye involved while being in Portugal. Never fun to say goodbye!
For us it wasn't too hard as we both knew we would only be a convo away...