Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dream in progress... part 17

I can't believe I sewed in ALL the ends on my Babette blanket this week. Yay, I'm such a good girl sometimes! And what a relieve to get it over and done with too.
I also would like to thank you for all the lovely suggestions I got on the use of the border color last week. Kylie suggested to be a rebel and not use a border at all. Even though I AM a rebel on many things, I do like a border somehow. Still I couldn't make up my mind so I decided to do some quick samples to show you.
Turquoise and (soft) green were two suggestions that were mentioned most. I also liked the idea of a red border somehow. I remember that in the very beginning of my blanket I found the red kind of harsh and then someone mentioned in the comments that it would look really good on the blanket in the end. I didn't believe her right away, but I certainly do now. Thank you to whoever convinced me not to leave the red out.
Will you help me pick one last time? I promise to show you a completely finished blanket next week! :)
Here is the blanket with 4 different corner colors.A close up of the corners.Some suggested to use black or cream/white.Difficult choice huh?
Psst... the yarn for my new project arrived too! Wanna see?
Click on the picture to see where I got the yarn... Beware dangerous place! :)